Graham Gorrie and his creative endeavours

Last updated 1 July 2012

Occupy This (Occupy That)

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"You're telling everyone you know that the whole thing's a joke.
Convincing yourself that the system must be broke 'cause you're losing."
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Barrellfish website


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My creativity is currently manifested in the original rock band Barrellfish. We are gigging around Brisbane and have two albums "Bravo Sierra" and "Six Degrees" on iTunes.

original songs by Graham Gorrie with mp3
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GRAHAM GORRIE: Mark on the Stage

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Check out my T shirt shop with original designs by me. Yes, that's right - me.


YouTube Video "Make a big table"

YouTube video for pet dog - Monkey Rabbit.

Special features include an original theme song and Japanese subtitles.

Video clip of "Strange Land".

Performed on a virtual B&W TV.

Video clip of "Mark on the Stage".

A new version of the film footage of Nepal 2008.