Old Original Songs

  1. Basement 3:50
  2. analogousjourney Graham Gorrie 1:00
  3. desertsoundtrack Graham Gorrie 1:00
  4. firesandthings Graham Gorrie 0:50
  5. government2 Graham Gorrie 0:59
  6. government Graham Gorrie 1:12
  7. hatsoff Graham Gorrie 1:00
  8. lightthetip Graham Gorrie 0:37
  9. nothingatall Graham Gorrie 1:03
  10. nothingeverhappens Graham Gorrie 0:31
  11. pictures Graham Gorrie 0:37
  12. poolhall Graham Gorrie 0:58
  13. realpeople Graham Gorrie 1:06
  14. stressedouttown Graham Gorrie 0:48
  15. throwitallaway Graham Gorrie 0:48

Basement  A song conceived and written in a basement when I didn’t feel like being anywhere or doing anything. I came to realise that these times when it is all up in the air, are potentially valuable creative periods if we can recognise them and hang in there.

Nothing Ever Happens  At first listen, you might pick this as a sacreligious ditty. In a moment of deep thought, I allowed myself to contemplate the reality of the world without the dogma, and, to my surprise, I felt different. Life seemed empty. It was then that I realised that if you strip away layers of meaning for yourself and others, you might notice the lack. Try it yourself.

Analogous Journey  At the top of a mountain you can see a lot. A lot of what? There is an emotional analogy for mountain climbing or is it modern love?.

Hats Off  A song about being concerned with deeper things, and ignoring the pressure of those around you and just going towards what you know feels right.

Real People  A song that has been reincarnated twice so far. It is one side of a conversation with someone who thinks they know better than what I do about life. It builds to a rebellious peak and then quietens down again.

Government  This song describes the shortcomings of the government and their ability to punish their detractors. It is an angry song based on real experience. Two versions are presented in mp3 format – one is heavier than the other.

Stressed Out Town  I was sitting in my front room one rainy day and I heard a ludicrous sound. Someone was running to the train in short, quick steps in clacky shoes, obviously risking an accident in the the pursuit of fashion and timeliness.

Throw It All Away  A nihilistic song which ends in a big word and has some nice chords in the middle.

Pool Hall Situation  Real events at a Prostitutes and Police Ball at Burke’s Hotel.

Pictures In The Magazine  There are millions of magazines. They are all crap.

Fires & Things  This started life as a sweet little song about my acceptance of mortality, but then Bob Dylan came to me in a dream and told me to get serious.

Nothing At All  There is a retreat where life’s problems reduce to nothing.

Desert Soundtrack  An instrumental soundtrack for an American road movie in Arizona.

Light the Tip  An instrumental with a name inspired by an incense packet.